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Why choose The Documentalist?

So why choose The Documentalist? Because we are not only passionate about design and forging new relationships, we also want to make your business look awesome and help it grow! Yes, we are a new agency but after years working in the corporate world, we’re really excited to be getting out there and working with new and varied clients. 

To see how we can help your business, please get in touch now for an informal no-obligation chat. Let’s do something awesome together! 

Which of the following scenarios describes your current design provision within your organisation? The Documentalist can help.

We don’t have a designer or a point of contact for our design

Many SMEs don’t have a design department nor even a single point of contact for creative output within the business. We get this. Sometimes it is uneconomical to have a dedicated in-house design team as levels of work can vary throughout the year.

From our many years’ experience in B2B, we have found that small teams or individuals ‘muddle through’ their own design using the tools at their disposal, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Whilst these applications can allow content to be presented in an engaging way, such methods are tricky and rarely used. Professional desktop publishing tools are complex for non-designers and uneconomical for occasional design jobs.

With individuals or teams doing their own design, there inevitably becomes a disparity of design across the business. Your company brand becomes incoherent and your message risks becoming lost. This can ultimately affect your bottom line.

The Documentalist is your own design department and your central point of contact for ‘anything creative’, as and when you need it. We work closely with you to find out your exact requirements and take ownership of your entire creative output, whether that be standardising your internal documentation, creating a customer brochure, a website or building a brand. The Documentalist has everything covered.

And, because we handle the entire process, you can be assured that your brand remains consistent across all your media. 

We already use a design agency

For your external design, you may already work with one or more agencies. That’s great, but ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you deal with the same person with your agency for every single project?
  • Do they know all about your business and its requirements?
  • Is the design consistent and completed in a timely manner?
  • Do you feel that you are getting value for money?

Very often, the larger design agencies will allocate you a project manager to oversee your project who in turn will source the project to a design team. With an extra link in the chain, it may take longer to fully realise the finished design, leading to higher costs.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that you may only use agencies for the ‘bigger jobs’, infrequent projects such as a brochure or catalogue. You may consider it unnecessary or uneconomical to use an agency for internal documents. Invariably, this leads to such design being undertaken by individuals or teams within your business (see above).

If you are happy with your current agency then take a look at the projects that may be uneconomical to push through them. Here at The Documentalist, there is no job too big or too small. We can handle everything from the design of a business card or letterhead right up to a product catalogue or an exhibition stand, and everything in between.

And, as we are not a big agency, we don’t have the associated overheads and can respond to your queries much quicker. Yes, we like being paid for a job but we also like to help our clients achieve their true potential and to help them succeed in their industry. Good design should not only be available to the larger, more cash-rich businesses. 

We have no need for design

Everyone in business has a need for design; it is how not only your clients see you but also your employees. Design can affect your business in many ways and can help to determine or improve the perception of your products and services, the packaging of your products, and your branding and marketing collateral. 

Brand perception is a very important consideration when you realise that it is not only how your customers perceive your business, but your employees too. Look at your competitors’ branding: how does it compare to yours? What is the image and message you want your business to portray? How can your branding be improved?

We believe that any business, large or small, should have engaging and consistent design across all its applications, whether you’re a sole trader or a 50-100 employee company.

We can help your refresh and improve your brand to make you stand out from the crowd, discussing your ideas and the ways in which they can be realised. The Documentalist wants your business to succeed and we believe that the first step in achieving that goal is good design!