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Support Warehouse Sales Award Posters

It’s a cliché, but The Documentalist firmly believes that happy employees are productive employees, so why not show the love and make them know they are valued?

At Support Warehouse, sales personnel worked at the coalface every day securing huge support contracts for large and small enterprises alike and every quarter, those who made the biggest impact were recognised by having their achievement added to a Wall of Fame. However, before I got involved, these award posters were cobbled together in word processing software with inconsistent clipart downloaded from the internet. The results were amateur and did not reflect the company’s friendly working ethos. 

When I was asked to redesign these posters I came up with the idea of having a theme for each collection. This set is based upon a high-flying magazine cover, such as Forbes or Time, with the photo of the winner very prominent. 

Within moments of the posters put on display in the company’s reception area, staff, managers and clients alike would stop to read them, whereas previously they had simply been ignored. It created a talking point amongst everyone and created a greater cohesion within the sales team. 

It’s a small project, some might say irrelevant, but the results are instant, incentivising your staff and bringing them together.