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Illustration case study: Customer Asset Programme

Original version

When I first saw this illustration in the archives, the first thing that immediately leaped out was the two very obvious spelling mistakes, “inaccuracy’s” and “simplyfy”. Regrettably, this illustration was approved and used in a client brochure. So we do make mistakes, even The Documentalist, which is why it is important the work gets checked, double-checked and triple-checked before it is published. 

Again, this illustration is based upon the same circular design that this and this have been based. Very similar to this previous example, the enclosing object contains separate objects to which it applies. However, unlike this previous example, icon text has been placed to the left, the right or below the explanatory icon. Text is centred in all cases which creates a disconnect between it and the icon. As a rule of thumb, when using labels for icons, text should aligned towards the icon: right-justified text when at the left, left-justified text when at the right. When applying text above or below an icon, centred justification is preferable. 

The arrangement of the icons has no real structure and so may lead to confusion. Is there a hierarchical order to the icons? Is the order important? Again, because I was not involved with this illustration, I have made a number of assumptions in the revised version.

Also, as in previous examples, transparency is used for the inner section of the illustration which would affect how it appears on a non-white background. 


Revised version

In keeping with previous examples, the ‘jigsaw’ concept of the outer circle has been adopted. Because this is a common element, it can easily be copied from one design to another. The outer text has been correctly positioned within each jigsaw segment and so can easily be updated. 

As in previous examples, icon and label text have been isolated into their own object, in this case a filled and stroked circle. Text is centre-justified in every instance and the spacing between it and the icon is the same for each. 

Also, the assumption has been made that each of the five icons are not hierarchal and are instead mutually inclusive. The 5-way connection has been added to show this relationship.

And the spelling mistakes have been corrected!