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Video Masterclasses

Whilst we love creating designs for our customers, we’re also passionate about sharing tips & tricks to help them manage their own content. Whilst popular software such as Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word are great at creating such content, many users simply don’t know how to use the massive range of functions they offer, leading to designs becoming disorganised and difficult to manage. Ultimately, this can affect the image you are trying to convey and may even lead to lost sales. The Documentalist has long experience of using such software and we have produced a collection of short and easy-to-understand tutorial videos to help you get the best out of your design software. 

If you’re having problems with a particular aspect of your design, or have an idea for a future tutorial, then subscribe to The Documentalist YouTube Channel or contact us here.

Adobe InDesign

We love Adobe InDesign and it is the most essential go-to tool in our design toolbox, for both the largest and the smallest jobs. Long the poorer cousin to the behemoth of Quark XPress, it is now the world’s leading page layout software and is used across the world from small design agencies (such as us) to the largest print houses and publishers.

Whilst The Documentalist simply does not have the time to discuss its complete set of tools, what we do hope to do is help you with some of InDesign’s basic functions as well as the more complex methods tools and techniques.

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Introduction to the InDesign Masterclass

An introduction to The Documentalist’s series of InDesign Masterclass video tutorials.

Lesson 1: Setting up a new InDesign Document

Preparation is everything. In this first video of the InDesign Masterclass series, we will show you how to set up the initial document and discuss the considerations you need to make.