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Example designs

Digital is great but we at The Documentalist still love traditional print and firmly believe that there will a need for print for a long time to come. The printed word isn’t dead; it is still very much alive!

Printing technology has improved markedly over the last 20 years, although the more expensive offset litho is still used for major print production, high quality digital print is as good as, if not better, and is typically used for smaller print jobs. The Documentalist has partnered with local print houses that offer a variety of paper types and finishes, as well as more luxurious touches such as raised spot and gold leaf. 

We love tinkering around with design templates, building the masters and developing styles, and here is just a small selection of designs we have created that will hopefully give you ideas for your next project. We can even take care of the printing for you and have them delivered to your premises (printing and delivery costs apply). We will also provide a low-res digital version for your website or a high quality print-ready version for you to have printed yourself. 

Click on a publication to view a gallery of page designs.

Brochures & Catalogues

Featured here is just a small selection document layouts but The Documentalist can create a design completely bespoke to your needs, using your branded colour, typeface and house style.

"Yellow Cab" - A4 landscape
"Elegant Burgundy" - A4 landscape
"Blocky Purple" - A4 landscape
"Dark Peppermint" - A4 portrait
"Contemporary Furniture" - 210mm square

Posters & Flyers

Many customers economise on single page publication, preferring instead to use in-house word processing tools to create a quick poster or flyer. However, a single page flyer is just as important as a brochure in engaging with your audience. Badly designed posters and flyers, intended to attract customers from a larger audience, run the risk of your message being ignored. Create an engaging poster or flyer and it will get noticed.


Banners are traditionally used when you take your business out on the road, either for exhibitions or training seminars, anywhere where you want to stand out from the crowd. The Documentalist can design to large format (anywhere up to A0) and pop-up banners such as these. Typically 1m by 2m in size, pop-up banners come packaged in an easy-to-use roll-up cartridge for compact storage and transport. 


One-off illustration should be simple and support accompanying text. Very often, supplementary illustration can become over-complicated and end up confusing the message you wish to present. Infographics are a merger of illustration and text and are intended to allow complex ideas to be represented in a clear and logical manner. Here are just a few examples of individual elements that can be used as part of an infographic.