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Design Case Studies

During my time with Support Warehouse, I was seconded to the Java Development for 12 months or so. This left very little time for design and so illustration was outsourced to another department whose main focus was not design. Looking back at some of these designs some time later, I saw ways in which they could be improved or simplified.

One problem with many businesses that don’t have a dedicated designer is that there is more emphasis on getting the information out with little consideration given to how the audience digests that information. First and foremost, design is about simplicity. How do you make sure that your target audience interprets the information you wish to convey correctly? In as simple and clear a manner as possible.

Remember, illustration is generally there to support the context in which it is placed, and vice versa. Both illustration and accompanying text should always support each other in explaining even the most complex of concepts.

The following case studies show how The Documentalist would approach these issues, taking the ideas and streamlining them into a clearer narrative. Of course, these are independent revisions, with various assumptions made about the original brief. The Documentalist would always work closely with you to make sure that the universal message you are trying to convey is always consistent across all designs and text.

All designs are reproduced with kind permission from Support Warehouse.

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