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Leads, plugs and reticent Anchored Objects – part 2

The morning after…

So I was visited by my BMF  – though not the guy who worked on David Gilmour’s Pompeii gig in 2016 – last night for our monthly pizza and movie night (pepperoni and Darkest Hour) and, as I’d not opened the front door all day, there was the XLR to mono cable I’d ordered waiting for me. I have a very quiet postlady. I ran upstairs to the office, plugged it in to the adaptor and … nothing. Nowt. Zip. Niente. ничего. 没有.

I plugged it into an audio-in USB dongle and managed to get a bit of sound but even with the input gain turned up it was quieter than a Yorkshireman offering to pay a restaurant bill (I’m a Yorkshireman, so I can say that without being racist). It is looking like I may not be able to record semi-pro tutorial videos and thus change the world. Sad face emoji.

After pizza had been eaten and Gary Oldman done Winston Churchill-ing, BMF wound his merry way home and I tried for another hour to get the mic working, without success. This morning I got up and over my usual breakfast of hot tea, pondered the Amazons again for an XLR to USB cable, something that I had thought about getting way before buying all the other cables. Thinking that I need some sort of pre-amp, I also continued my research into the difference between a condenser mic and a dynamic mic. Turns out I have the latter, which doesn’t need a pre-amp and should work with the cable that will be delivered on Wednesday. If this doesn’t work then I’ll need to look at a more professional set-up.

What irks me though is that Apple, whose kit I have used since the 90s, whilst saying that it provides kit for pro-media, do make it incredibly difficult to get media into their shiny boxes. There was a huge amount of information about my particular issue online but nothing concerning whether or not my particular brand of iMac has a line-in port that supports both input and output. However, the process of trying stuff was infinitely easier than trying to get .NET 4.5 installed on my Windows 8 partition, which was something else I have been struggling with this week…

So, that’s been my week: struggling with audio cabling and anchored objects. I’m confident that I will manage to produce semi-pro video tutorials soon so keep a look out over the coming weeks. And if there is an issue that you would like help with — as long as that issue is in Word, Powerpoint, Illustrator or InDesign — then send me a message here and I’ll put it on the list of 4,000 things I already intend to talk about. Watch this space!