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Introducing The Documentalist Blog!

Ah, blogging! Just as ‘Vlogging’ becomes the ‘in’ thing, I finally, finally, get round to writing a blog. It’s so awesome to be current.

I write a lot. First of many confessions is that I write a diary. I have done ever since I was 17, hand-written on WH Smiths lined and margined A4 paper and filed away in various folders. Yes, I still have those diaries, but they are locked away in an old briefcase that I’ve forgotten the combination to. Probably for the best anyway as most of it was full of teenage angst about the various crushes I had imposed on unwitting girls (uh-oh, five foot tall Valentine’s Card flashback!). I went to a boys’ school and the girls’ school was just up the road, so most of my days were filled with hoping that I could catch a glimpse of my latest crush at four o’clock when both groups intercepted each other. I’m not going to mention their names, more to save my own embarrassment than theirs.

But I write a lot in my personal diaries, though I have never quite extended this to the Blogosphere. I’ve tried a few times. I once fully intended to write a hiking blog but by the time I get home after 15 miles (yeah, 15-20 miles. That’s how I roll. Sometimes literally) all I want to do is to sit down with a nice cuppa tea and a biscuit and switch Dave on. By the time I summoned the enthusiasm I’d pretty much forgot what I wanted to write about. Who knows? I may do some hiking blogging here.

I look at business websites and whilst they’re very pretty and explain what that business does, they all begin to read the same after a while don’t they? Let’s be honest, it’s recommendations from clients that influence whether someone uses one’s services, not the website. And whilst websites have lots of lovely images and finely honed text, one never really gets an idea of the people behind it.

The whole point of The Documentalist is to offer a friendly and honest service, and part of that friendliness and honesty is knowing who you are dealing with on personal level. I hope that I can achieve that here.

Most of what I will write may not have anything at all to do with The Documentalist, or, in the very least, only have vaguely tenuous links to something. But hopefully it will give you a little more insight than a couple of lines of ‘About Us’ text. And yes, it is a cunning ploy to get you to come back to the site but I’m not in this for the page views: I’m in this for the ‘social’ aspect of staying in touch with existing clients and ‘reaching out’ (cringe) to prospects.

None of what I write in this blog is meant to be taken seriously and it is not my intention to offend anyone or cause upset. Apologies in advance for any colourful language (e.g. ‘flip’, ‘plop’, ‘nob’, ‘balls’, ‘arse’, etc.).

Okay, I’m supposed to be writing proper web copy today. Probably should crack on…